What is Dotscoin platform?

Dotscoin treats the all-important blockchain ledger, a fully verifiable public database that's maintained by thousands of independent computers , as a platform on which to build secondary programs that strip out costly middleman from all forms of person to exchange. This is a mineable coin platform, where anyone possessing a computer can mine the coins and add it to the blockchain. This mining process is not based on the traditional Hash mining method instead is based on random election process where 10 super delegates are selected to mine the block. This election method randomly chooses those 10 super delegates. Anyone who wishes to bid ( the higher the better ) coins for mining is eligible to participate in this election process.

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Cryptocurrency and wallet

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses advanced encryption technology to facilitate free & secure peer to peer transactions.Most cryptocurrencies are fiat currencies by nature, meaning they have no physical value tied to them. Cryptocurrencies are also usually not controlled by any government or country.

Dotscoin is Cryptocurrency which operates on the blockchain technology. The blockchain technology allows the removal of third party to maintain it i.e decentralized . It can be transferred from one user to another without going through an intermediary . Dotscoin is a new and exciting cryptocurrency with lots of potential for growth.

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The development of decentralized applications

The use of decentralized applications opens many opportunities for our lives, new business advantages, and competitive profit. There are several very important and useful properties such as cryptographic safety, protection against unauthorized access and data storage decentralization.

If these properties can help you to build and develop your business, then you’re welcome. You can get acquainted with many examples of the created decentralized applications. There is an opportunity to independently develop similar applications which become more and more demanded today. It would be quite easy to look for somebody who is interested in it.


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